Mindy Mackenzie

Founder & Principal, MM Enterprises, Inc.

Mindy Mackenzie is a sought-after speaker among major corporations and conferences. An expert on truth-telling in the workplace, Mindy’s authentic and straightforward style cuts through the noise of typical keynotes. Undaunted by the proverbial elephant in the room, Mindy has a knack for getting at the heart of what her audience really wants to know. Whether speaking about change transformation, talent and leadership development, strategy, or organizational effectiveness, Mindy relates to her audience and helps them uncover new ways to approach challenges.

Mindy is also the author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book The Courage Solution: The Power of Truth Telling with Your Boss, Peers, and Team (Green Leaf Book Group).   She provides customized content for her corporate clients and at conferences based upon the principles in her book, whether for one-hour keynotes or half or full-day workshops.

In addition to speaking, as founder of MM Enterprises, Mindy advises CEOs and C-suite executives to help them increase both their personal fulfillment and professional impact. Mindy’s background at global companies as a corporate C-Suite leader accountable for both company strategy and organizational effectiveness, has afforded her the expertise to help her clients deliver increased growth and profitability. Mindy has worked and lived internationally, and she knows firsthand what it takes to drive consistent execution, development of an entrepreneurial culture, and infusion of top talent. Her proven track record across multiple industries makes her an asset for any executive team.

Before founding MM Enterprises, Mindy served as Chief Performance Officer of Beam, Inc., where she was responsible for a team of 150 and led consistent outperformance with market share gains and double-digit earnings growth. In this role, Mindy earned the nickname of the “Velvet Hammer” because she crushed the norm of avoiding sensitive topics, but she did it with style and grace. Prior to working at Beam, Mindy spent five years at Campbell Soup Co. and nine years at Wal-Mart, advancing through various Senior Leadership HR and Organizational Development roles.

Mindy currently serves as a senior advisor for McKinsey & Company. She is a frequent guest lecturer for the MBA and Executive Education programs at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Additionally, she serves as Director on the Board of Fifth Third Bank (Chicago Affiliate).

Mindy holds a Bachelor’s degree from Ambassador University and a Master’s degree from the University of Louisiana. In her free time she sings, plays the piano, is learning guitar and enjoys biking along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Mindy lives with her son in the Chicagoland area.