Whether it’s a one-hour keynote or a four-hour workshop, Mindy Mackenzie instantly wins over an audience. Mindy’s entertaining, authentic, and straightforward style cuts through the noise of typical leadership advice and makes her a highly sought-after speaker for corporate events and conferences. Undaunted by the proverbial elephant in the room, Mindy has a knack for getting at the heart of what her audience really wants to know. Drawing on her 20 years of experience working as a senior leader in large corporations, Mindy provides practical, immediately actionable advice that helps professionals uncover new ways to approach challenges and drive performance.



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Even A Ferrari Needs An Oil Change: Using the LIFE SCALE (TM)

Executives and senior business leaders are finely-tuned performance machines—much like a Ferrari. In this thought-provoking and inspiring session, Mindy challenges audience members to a “tune up.” Anchored in timeless principles and up-to-the-minute research, Mindy Mackenzie shares easily-actionable practices that significantly improve professional performance and personal fulfillment. Additionally, she introduces the important concept of the LIFE SCALE (TM) to manage your own energy. Executives will leave this session with clarity on how to calibrate and tweak their own lives to maintain the high performance their senior leadership roles require.

Leading Your Boss

What if every employee at your company starting thinking like his or her boss? In this fast-paced, interactive keynote, Mindy Mackenzie challenges audience members to make a shift and view business challenges through a broader lens. Employees at all levels will learn from a series of activities that not only deepen self-awareness, but encourage a fresh perspective on how to make a positive impact on the business overall. With her trademark engaging and provocative style, Mindy drives organizational alignment by encouraging audience members to take ownership of their performance, and the relationships they have with their boss. Tested and raved about by employees across industries and geographies, Mindy’s techniques help individuals support their company’s goals along with their personal goals, setting themselves on the course for advancement. Almost everyone reports to someone; this keynote shows how to be a leader while being a direct report.

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Building A “Truth Telling” Organization

Businesses thrive on facts and information to get the job done. However, while company cultures prize honesty, it’s remarkably hard for business leaders to get at the truth. Employees are afraid to say what’s on their minds, for fear of disagreeing with popular opinion or challenging the status quo. Since it’s impossible to make smart changes without understanding reality, many times companies hire external consultants to come tell them what their organization already knows but is afraid to say. After countless dollars and time is spent, the consultants leave and the organization reverts to the pre-existing state – where truth telling is the commodity in shortest supply. In this refreshing keynote, Mindy Mackenzie provides actionable advice for fostering a truth-telling culture that gives a kick-start to profitability, productivity, and morale. Audience members will learn how to become more effective and courageous message-givers and receivers, revamping old communication norms and enabling leaders to drive meaningful change.


Venus Rising

The famed book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus couldn’t be truer when it comes to working in corporate. It’s a different world out there and with Venus Rising, Mindy shares some hard-earned stories and advice for women leaders on the rise in your company.  With an insightful and fresh perspective on women in the workplace, Mindy provides an impactful look at how women can be leaders by rejecting the outdated rules and myths that have confined women in the past, while at the same time, embracing their femininity.   With over 20 years in corporate America and serving as the only female executive at the male-dominated liquor giant Beam Inc., Mindy speaks from experience.  She captivates her audience by drawing on bold and inspiring stories from her past that illustrate what women are up against and what they can do to proactively own their careers (and do it with grace and style).  If you are seeking an energizing message for your high performing or high-potential female leaders, Mindy shares her practical tools and approach to career management in this provocative and motivating keynote.


In addition to the above keynotes, Mindy’s expertise spans: driving organizational effectiveness and excellence, leading transformational change, and creating intentioned company cultures anchored in the business strategy. Click here to request information about booking Mindy to speak at your next event.