Matt Shattock

Matt Shattock

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Beam Suntory, Inc.

Matthew J. Shattock is Chairman & CEO of Beam Suntory Inc., the world’s third largest premium spirits company. He joined Beam in March 2009 as President & CEO and led the company’s successful growth strategy transformation, emergence as a stand-alone public company in 2011, acquisition by Suntory Holdings Limited in 2014 and the subsequent integration of the Beam and Suntory spirits businesses. Shattock is responsible for some of the world’s most iconic spirits brands, including Jim Beam, Yamazaki, Maker’s Mark and Courvoisier, more than 20 production and commercial facilities around the world, and a global team of approximately 4,000 employees. He, his wife, Sue, and three children reside in the Chicago area.

My wife and three children – I want to be the best I can be for them.

‘Strategic, Tenacious, British’, according to one of my leadership team colleagues (you should have seen what the other nine said!).

Igniting my brain with a coffee, reading emails and listening to the BBC world service news.

It’s a tie – I love New York for its massive energy and Sydney for its invigorating atmosphere.

In life, ‘If you want anything enough you can attain it’; in business, ‘Get your team right at the beginning of your tenure’.

‘Do the right thing’. We know in our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls what we need to do when faced with life’s choices both personally & professionally.

Kazuo Ishiguro, Winston Churchill, David Brooks and my daughter Pamela Shattock.

Exploring Samburu game reserve in Kenya last summer with my wife Sue and our three children Nat, Charlie & Pamela.

Blasting The Cure, Radiohead and other bands from my misspent 80’s & 90’s youth.

As you strive towards your vision, remember to embrace today.