A Message from Mindy

Hi, I’m Mindy. Your host for what I hope is one of the peak, transformational experiences of your life.

I know you.

You are a leader. You are smart. You are accomplished. You have built an amazing life. You are in charge. People from the outside probably envy you. Or think you have it all together. Or wouldn’t imagine that you would want or need five days with like-minded women to recharge and renew.

But you know you do.

Because underneath the successful exterior (the title, the money, the achievements) is a person who yearns for more connection, grounded-ness, inner joy and certainty. Certainty that the path you are on is the path you were meant to be on. And if it is, then shouldn’t it feel a whole lot better than it currently does?

I spent many years wondering the same thing. Today, I am more fulfilled, clear and joy-filled than ever in my life. Personally, I am a happily married wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Professionally I am a WSJ bestselling author, business leader, entrepreneur and a senior executive at a very prominent company along with having worked for some of the most name-recognized companies in the world.

But that’s not the whole story.

I am also a survivor of severe childhood trauma, twice-divorced, and spent 15 years as a single, working mother raising my son alone as I climbed the corporate ladder while asking myself these questions:

Is there a better way to live this life each day as you shoulder all your responsibilities, desires, ambitions, fears and hopes?

How can you be the leader, the influencer, the role model you yearn and feel obligated to be while also wrestling with your inner demons and healing from all the wounds of the past?

Is it possible to feel as good on the inside as you project on the outside?

You First – An Integrative Leadership Summit answers those questions and is designed for you to benefit in five days from what I have spent the past 20 years studying, learning and applying.

There will be guides that are expert in heart-mind-body-spirit integration onsite the entire week to help you transform your life in the area that needs the most attention. And all the content is curated with your individual needs in mind.

You will have plenty of time to absorb and apply the information and insights that are shared because each day is designed for your highest and best outcome. Along with a ton of laughs, entertainment and down-time to enjoy your new tribe of fabulous female participants.

And everything is portable to your new life post the summit.

That is why You First – An Integrative Leadership Summit is limited to only 12 women of influence through a rigorous application process. This ensures your personal experience during the five days will be of the highest quality while gifting you with a new community of high-caliber, growth-oriented women I hope become your friends.

The time is now to invest in yourself and in your positive evolution. When you rise everything you touch is elevated. And every aspect of your life needs your highest and best right now.

I can’t wait to be with you in Aspen in September!


p.s. You don’t have to take my word for it; read what others thought when they seized this opportunity.

The Method

Daily workshops grounded in research from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, the groundbreaking social psychology research of Professor Brené Brown, the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, social work, psychology, and leadership development, blended with insights derived from Eastern philosophies and ancient wisdom.

The Opportunity

This summit is limited to 12 exceptional women. Do you and the members of your personal pit crew need a chance to get fully charged? Do you know someone whose leadership would be enhanced by attending this retreat? Are you that someone? To apply click here. To nominate a potential participant, email info@mindymackenzie.com and a member of the You First team will personally invite your nominee.

The Investment

Upon acceptance, the cost for the You First Integrative Leadership Summit is $15,500, which is due within 30 days from notification of acceptance. This fee includes all sessions, activities, program materials, workshops, social events, accommodations, meals, transportation during the program, entertainment, special guests, and post-program You First community membership including best practice tools, tips, and techniques to ensure sustained high performance post the summit. The only cost not covered by the fee is travel to and from Aspen, CO.

Special pricing available for groups of two or more. Please contact the You First team at info@mindymackenzie.com for more information.

White glove concierge service provided from registration through summit attendance by the You First team.

Fee also includes two private sessions with the Summit experts:

Mindy Mackenzie
Private leadership / life coaching session with the Host

Dr. Abby Kramer
Individualized Wellness Protocol inclusive of biochemical, physical and emotional support plan to feel and function as your highest self (a health inventory to be completed prior to session)

Cancellation Policy

Full refund available up until April 30, 2019.

Program fee is non-refundable should cancellation occur after April 30th. In the event you are unable to attend the September summit, the You First team will attempt to find a qualified replacement. If a replacement is found you will automatically be accepted for the 2020 summit and your entire fee will be applied to that session.

If the You First team does not find a suitable replacement two-thirds of the fee will be forfeited and the remaining one-third will be rolled over and applied to a future summit.

Additional Features Included in the Cost

  • Post-program support through private on-line community of You First Summit participants
  • Individualized post-program plan to sustain performance and vitality
  • Best practice tools and support network
  • Access to the Summit guides for ongoing support and enrichment

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