Mindy Mackenzie

Mindy MackenzieMindy Mackenzie has spent her career helping to build businesses and leaders to be the best they can be. She continues to bring her unique brand of impact to the portfolio companies owned by The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most effective private equity firms. After the successful publication of her 2016 Wall Street Journal bestselling business leadership book The Courage Solution: The Power of Truth Telling with Your Boss, Peers, and Team readers and clients asked for more. To have the opportunity, as one executive put it, to attend “Mindy Camp”. This was the final push she needed, as for the previous several years she had envisioned hosting a retreat that would encapsulate and distill the most useful tools and approaches for professionals desiring rapid and enduring life and leadership transformation. The result? Mindy’s passion project: You First – An Integrative Leadership Summit.

Increasing life fulfillment and leadership impact, at its core, is an inside-out journey for each person. Mindy is ecstatic about the opportunity to bring solutions that make a real difference and to be a partner to each participant.

Dr. Abby Kramer

Dr. Abby KramerDr. Kramer’s mission is to empower women to feel and function as their most vibrant selves. She has been featured in various publications such as: The Huffington Post, Bustle, E Health Radio Network, DIY Active, Chiropractic Economics and the American Chiropractic Association Journal of Rehabilitation.

Through her personal history of experiencing migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, and hormonal imbalances in her 20’s and being told repeatedly her symptoms were “normal” or “stress related”, she sought alternative care. Once she realized that her symptoms were her bodies’ way of communicating deep physical, mental, and emotional imbalances – true healing occurred. Changing the course of her professional life, she became a doctor inspired to bring that same type of transformation to her patients – ultimately becoming one of the foremost voices for progressive, holistic medicine in the Greater Chicago area.

She is positively thrilled to be part of the You First retreat, and is committed to help participants lessen any resistance between what they are currently experiencing and what they consciously desire in their career, family, and health. You can find out more information about Dr. Abby at her website here.

Courtney Riley

Courtney RileyAfter suffering a serious athletic injury in 2001, leaving Courtney unable to walk without pain, this life-long competitor began to look for a solution to not only heal but to find a way to compete injury-free way while sustaining peak physical performance. That desire for a better way led her to discovering the total health benefits of yoga – a philosophy that goes far beyond simple physical fitness. Thus, began a decade-long journey of dedicating herself to holistic wellness and getting certified and becoming expert in multiple modalities that she could then teach to her students. In her work today, whether she is teaching a yoga class, meditation or mindfulness practices, doing hands-on body work, or leading a fitness retreat, she emphasizes and empowers her students to activate their inner awareness to travel their own path to greater health and vitality.

Courtney is a licensed massage therapist, certified health and nutrition coach through the International Institute of Nutrition, certified yoga instructor with over 700 hours of yoga training along with 13 years of study with Para Yoga guru Rod Stryker. She completed a three-year energy healing program at the Core Star Healing School in Kansas City, along with getting licensed in the Full Body Systems Program after 9 months of instruction with founder Andrea Nakayama.

Courtney lives and breathes all she espouses for total heart/mind/body fitness and is an inspiring and encouraging coach for the beginner or the advanced athlete. She is delighted to be part of the You First Integrative Leadership Summit team and is psyched to provide expertise and support.


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